Often clogged shower drains

Often clogged shower drains

Every one of us knows that a clogged pipe in the shower is nothing pleasant. We can try to drain the flow ourself at home, without having to call a plumber, but only if the problem is small.

Prevent the drain to does not clog up

There are plenty of ways to get a clogged drain in the shower cubicle. The easiest thing to do is to prevent it. We will avoid problems with clogged drains, when we can not get hair residue. For this purpose, a special strainer, which is installed at the outlet, should be used. It is removable, so we can easily clean them. If we are the ones who care about even the smallest details of interior design, we can bet on a butterfly or imitation stone sieve.

When the outflow is already over – mild home remedies

When using the strainer to reach the drain, we can reach for home remedies which prove to be very effective. It works great mix of baking soda and hot water as well as vinegar. Soda mixed with vinegar pour into the stream, and after about ten minutes, pour hot water.

If the dirt in the shower drains is not very much, we can clean the drain with hot water. Boil two liters of hot water and pour into the shower drain. All impurities, such as hair and soap and other substances, will quickly dissolve. This is a very safe method because it protects the environment. However, we should remember that we can very easily burn ourselves in such activities. Therefore, be careful when dealing with hot water.

When the drain is already plugged in – the necessary chemicals

When home remedies will not help, we have to use very strong chemical preparations. They will quickly dissolve the pollution that has accumulated in the outflow. However, use extreme caution. These are corrosive agents that can very irritate our skin and eyes. They should not be used too often, because of adverse environmental effects.

There are now many different ways to get rid of dirt from shower drains. If our shower drain is not contaminated very strongly, it is worth to try the homemade ways.

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