Wet rooms – new model of bathroom

Wet rooms – new model of bathroom

Newly built hotels in Western Europe and Poland are slowly moving away from installing shower cubicles or bathtubs that take up a lot of space. Maintaining these sanitary facilities in perfect cleanliness, with frequent change of people using the shower, is almost impossible. The process of washing and disinfecting the booth and cleaning the shower trap takes a lot of time and cleaning agents. A better, more practical and hygienic solution is the use of wet room kits with linear dehydration.

New model of shower

Shower spraying is most often associated with shower tray and shower cabin. It is so far the most popular set installed in bathrooms. Cheap shower enclosures offered on the market usually have plastic fillings and are not equipped with profile gaskets between the cab and the wall. Unstable and flaccid structures located on the shower tray require a large amount of sanitary silicone to seal them. Sealing the edge of the shower tray against the wall also absorbs large quantities of the sealant. Despite the fact that it is „theoretically” resistant to fungi and molds, after a short exploitation, a black coating of mold and fungal colonies appears on its surface. Maintaining the shower cubicle in a perfect clean condition is very labor-intensive. All kinds of nooks, profiles, connection points of the structure and gaskets are an excellent habitat for bacteria and fungi. The sealed shower cubicle after bathing is also a great „container” of moisture in the bathroom. That’s why it is worthy to consider some wet room kit installation.

Floor as a shower tray surface

If we decide to install a linear drainage, we must pay particular attention to the tightness of the floor in the sanitary room. It is necessary to obtain wet room kits and install tapes and edges and corners and liquid foil in order to ensure absolute tightness. The floor itself also requires high tile skills in order to arrange tiles with a downward slope. Ideally, it would be around 1-2%. Too large will cause the danger of slipping, while too small can lead to water retention. Linear outlets are constructed of longitudinal trays (mostly of plastic) with a settling part and a siphon. The whole is covered with a grate most often made of stainless steel. The width of the trays ranges from 40-80 mm. The length of these structures ranges from 400 to 6000 mm.

Linear dehydration is becoming a more and more popular solution used in bathrooms of modern homes and apartments. As an additive to each wet room kit it is not difficult to find a proper one. It has many advantages, and in addition it looks very nice in every bathroom.

Prepared in cooperation with wetroomsdesign.co.uk/wet-room-shower-trays.

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